3M Vinyl Mobiskin Sticker
Saturday, 9 July 2011

The adhesiveness gets stronger after a long time, but it can be removed very easily and cleanly even after attaching a mobile phone on the paper and removing it. It protects the phone from scratches and lessen impact and knocks by applying the special embossed coating.


As it is the nature of the skin, it may have some spaces or distortions between the product and a mobile phone when it is applied on the curvy parts.

Depending on the monitor you use, the color may vary.

If you pull on the thinly cut part too hard, it may rip off.

It is possible to attach and reattach it, but in that process, the product`s adhesive ability may decrease, so it will not be able to stick on that well anymore.

(Caps: 0/10)

Hello Kitty Pink

Hello Kitty Black

 Hello Kitty White

 Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse 

My Melody 

Rilakkuma Pink 

Rilakkuma Yellow

 Angry Birds Blue

Angry Birds Play

Angry Birds Red

Angry Birds Yellow

Cath Kidston Case

iPhone 4 only currently :( Sorry ><

$12 ONLY.
Caps: 0/10

Term & Conditions

General T & C :

1. We normally only do meet-ups. (Sorry ><) We could try postage, but we aren't really familiar with it so its not encouraged yeah. (Others can be discussed~)

2. When you have confirmed your order, I'll send an invoice to your email. It's to confirm that I've received your order.

3. Payment is to be made when cappings are filled and before orders are sent in (if applicable). I'll send you a text/email informing you of this and then we can arrange a time to meet up for you to make payment :)

4. When your items are received, I'll send you a text/email. We can then arrange a meet-up for you to collect the item. :D

5. If supplier goes MIA, please don't blame me, as I'm a victim too :X Instead, I'll give you my supplier's contact details and you can go directly to them instead. However, if your orders haven't been submitted, I'll return you 50% of the money. But if the money is already submitted, then... sorry. >_<

6. No backing out or going MIA after ordering.

7. Items may not be exactly the same as in the pictures due to lighting and other stuff~

8. Handphones are needed for us to process your orders, please do understand >_<

9. No refunds no matter what. Unless the supplier goes MIA. (Look at 5 ^)

Meet-Ups T & C:

1. Don't be late, please? I'm busy and so are you. Being late will just mess up both of our schedules, no? :S

2. I'll only wait for you for 15 minutes from the time we have arranged~ After that, $1 would be charge for every 10 minutes. At 35 minutes, I'll leave.

3. Only mrt stops between Clementi - Choa Chu Kang are FOC. Other places can be negotiated, do email me. :)

4. If you can't make it, sms me min. 3h before that please. If you are using email to inform me, please do so min. 1 day before we meet up. Or else all charges listed in 2^ (Total of $2) will apply, and you would need to pay $1 to reschedule a date & time with us :X

5. Check your items on the spot before you leave. My responsibility ends once you leave with your items.

Looking For :)

Hit me up with any of these yeah ;)
If you have any of these, do drop me an email at itssofluffyyyy@gmail.com :D

Oversized tank top
Or any other designs :D (preferably hearts or paint-splattered)
< $15

Beaded bracelet (Anything similar)
< $5

Anything from Forever 21
Can be inspired etc, doesn't need to be the real thing.

Heart Knitted Rip Top
Anything similar to above ^ , any colours
< $15

Pictures credit to their owners ^^ (If the picture do belong to you, tell me and I'll credit you >_< I lost the link of the blog where these pictures come from D:)

3-Way Vintage Bag
Friday, 8 July 2011

Black, Dark Brown, & Light Brown

3-Way means that you can use it as a backpack, slingbag, and a handbag! :D

$14 ONLY. :O
Caps: 0/3

Order Form
Sunday, 19 June 2011

PU Leather Wallet

$9.50 each only!

Colours available : White, Black, Sky blue, Orange, Green, Light green, Bright yellow, Lime green, Dark green, Red, Hot pink, Pink, Deep yellow, Grey, Light grey, Dark coffee, Dark purple, Coffee, Blue black, Baby blue

me, myself and I

Denise, 13. 101% trustworthy. And friendly. Don't worry, I don't bite. :D
I am definitely old enough to know that scamming is a crime, I have better things to do anyway. So, why hesitiate? :) Happy browsing! ^^

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Terms & Conditions
Order Form
Looking For :)

VIDANAIL Nail Polish
Metal Framed Wallets
Envelope Wallets
PU Leather Wallets
3-Way Vintage
3M Vinyl Mobiskin Sticker
Cath Kidston Case

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